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Residential solar install with rendering of cell phone layered atop picturing the Residential Clean Energy Credit page on the IRS

Guide to the Federal Solar Tax Credit for Washington State Homeowners

Disclaimer: This guide provides an overview of the residential solar tax credit for informational purposes only. It does not constitute professional tax advice or financial guidance and is subject to change. You should always consult a professional tax advisor when making purchasing, investment, and tax-related decisions. Going solar is an

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tesla powerwall 3 in a garage

Introducing Tesla Powerwall 3

The original Tesla Powerwall was a game changer for home energy storage and brought the concept into the mainstream when it was released in 2015. Tesla has been improving the Powerwall’s design and capabilities ever since. The latest version, the Tesla Powerwall 3, is the most advanced Tesla battery yet,

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Winter Chill Rooftop Solar Panel Array

Small Business REAP Solar Grant

Small businesses and agricultural producers can REAP the benefits of solar power in Washington. Solar power has many benefits – from lowering your monthly electricity bill to producing clean energy. However, the price tag of solar power installations can make it out of reach for many local small businesses. Enter

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Section Battery Backup Tesla Power wall Port Angeles

Backup Batteries Without Solar

Starting in 2023, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act passed last year, standalone battery systems are now eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. We installed this clean, silent, zero-maintenance backup power system with two Tesla Powerwalls for a customer in Port Angeles. Our creative designers worked out a plan

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