Emergency Backup Solar Power Systems

Cascadia Solar installs and maintains emergency backup solar power systems throughout Jefferson, Kitsap, and Clallam counties.

We all know or can imagine the inconvenience of losing power during a storm or natural disaster. However, by utilizing an emergency backup solar power system, your household can continue to function, providing a sense of security and resilience.

The most popular solar systems we sell these days are grid-tied systems, which allow you to sell excess energy back into the grid. However, without battery storage, these systems cannot continue to operate if the grid goes down, and you will lose power.

Emergency back-up power allows you to continue using some or all of your appliances when grid electricity is not available. Typically, we utilize a wall mounted lithium-ion battery to supply power around the clock, recharging during daylight hours from your solar array. A properly designed backup system can provide continuous electric service for days, weeks, or months, depending on how many batteries you have and your consumption.

Grid-tied Solar Systems with Battery Backup

Grid-tied solar systems with battery backup are hybrid systems that offer the best of both worlds of grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. You can benefit from all the advantages of grid-tied solar (the ability to sell unneeded electricity back to the utility in the summertime, with reliable electrical service at night/during the winter) with the added bonus of being able to power your home from sunshine alone if the grid goes down.

Solar + battery backup power systems include an automatic transfer switch and the ability to operate in both “grid interactive” and “island” mode, providing automatic and secure backup power in case of a utility outage. Just like a traditional standby generator, when the solar battery backup power system senses a utility outage, the transfer switch isolates the whole house (or just a subpanel of critical loads) from the utility entirely. Those loads are then powered by the batteries and/or the solar array for as long as the grid is down and the solar/batteries can meet the demand.

If burning fossil fuels isn’t how you want to power your energy future, a solar-powered battery backup system is a superior alternative to a home standby generator.