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FAQ's on Solar Power

Adding clean energy to your life should be fun!

Convert your bright sunshiny days into clean solar power for your home or commercial building with confidence.

Read over our FAQ’s below and then schedule a free consultation with one of our solar installation experts.

I’m interested, but how does solar power really work?

In general, sunlight hits your solar array, and the system turns that sunlight into electricity for your use.  More specifically, the sunlight causes the solar modules to generate DC electricity (the type in batteries) which is then converted to AC electricity (the type in most houses and on the grid). 

Visit our How Does Solar Power Work for all powerful information on solar.

How does payment work?

Cascade Solar ask for 50% deposit before ordering all solar equipment needed and then 50% balance due once system passes L&I inspection for your home or building.

What permits are required?

All the permits! There is a WA state L&I permit for the electrical work, and an application process and interconnection agreement with the electric utility. Then there is a building permit requirement that can vary in cost, complication, and lead time depending on which city or county the installation is in.

Do you handle all permits and utility paperwork? 

Yes – as well as any 811 utility location requests.

How long does a solar power installation typically take? 

This depends on solar system size and whether there is battery backup, but typically 3-5 working days. Battery systems will take more around 5-7 days.

Do you come out to my house or building for a site evaluation?

Yes.  Initially we complete a preliminary proposal based on the satellite photos of your roof, county photos, a conversation with you, and your electrical usage.  This will have rough pricing and estimated production and savings.  If you like the preliminary proposal Brian or Dave will come out to your house to measure the roof, take shade readings, check out electrical details, and answer any questions you have.  After that, we will produce a more accurate final proposal.  If you like that, we will send a contract for signing, and collect a 50% deposit.  At that point will order all the required equipment and get you on the schedule once it all arrives.  Typical lead time from contract signing to installation can be one month to 6 months depending on demand. See more about our customer process.

Do you offer financing for solar installations? 

No.  For financing, we refer you to Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union (PSCCU) which offers Energy Smart Loans for solar at a low interest rate. Of note, there is talk of utilities starting to offer on-bill financing for solar soon. Look for that!

How much does a solar power system cost?

Great question! $30K flat rate for one solar panel and $60K for two solar panels. Just kidding!

We do need to do custom estimates for every project to so please contact us today, we would be excited to help power your future.

We are a full-service commercial and residential solar power systems electrical contractor.
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