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Getting Started With Solar Power in Washington State

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Alternatively, if you want to be really prepared and know what we’re going to ask you then keep on reading below. Cascadia Solar installers and estimator’s have years of experience and are ready to help you get started with installing solar power into your existing home, commercial building or new construction project.

How to get started with a solar power installation for your existing residential home or commercial building.

We’ll first ask you to collect your electrical usage data. We’ll need to know your last 12 months of kWh usage (kWh per month) for your property to help us size your new solar power system.

For PSE customers your usage information can be found with these steps:

1. Login to PSE website
2. Select “My Usage” on the green bar menu below your account information
3. Just above the graph select “Energy Use”
4. Below the graph there is an icon in the lower right-hand corner called “Green Button – Download my data”.
5. A window will then promote you to choose your file format and download location.

For PUD customers:

Your energy usage information can be found on the usage graph on your monthly bill, or from the PUD Smart Hub website, accessed from the online payment page.

Next one of our team members can discuss with you in more detail to better identify your solar power needs – these will be some of our questions.

  • How big of a system do you want?
  • How much of your usage do you want to offset?
  • Is system size limited by available roof space, budget, aesthetics, electrical service?
  • Are there roof surfaces where you don’t want solar?
  • Where is your electrical panel?
  • Where will the inverter or micro-inverter combiner be installed?
  • Are you interested in battery backup?
  • If so, what loads do you want backed up?

The more backed up loads, the more batteries required. Currently, a single 10kWh Lithium-Ion battery with transfer switch, associated equipment, labor, and inverter upgrade will add approximately $17K on to the cost of your solar system.

Once we have your usage and an idea of your solar and battery desires, we can get you a preliminary solar proposal based on the satellite and county photos of your property and the elevation data. This process can be same day or take us a few weeks depending on the volume of requests. Thanks in advance for your patience!

If you like the preliminary proposal, Brian or Dave can come out to your place to check out roof, structural, and electrical details. We look forward to working with you as you explore this solar project!

New Home or Commercial Building Construction Solar Installation

We’ll ask you for a set of plans, especially a site plan and a roof plan. We’ll also ask for information about the major appliances, heat, and EV charging in your new place. Then we’ll want to discuss a usage estimate. It’s difficult to know how much electricity a new building will use because there are so many variables. We can use average figures for WA adjusted with input from you and your builder and architect.

For designing solar for new construction, and energy credit documentation, we charge $250. This covers the information your AHJ will need to award energy credits, a preliminary proposal, a site visit, one design adjustment once construction is underway, and a final proposal. Typically, we will come and pre-wire for the solar system during the electrical rough-in. Array, inverter, and disconnect installation will happen after roofing, sheetrock, and siding is complete.

We are a full-service commercial and residential solar power systems electrical contractor.
Contact us today to see how we can power your tomorrow!

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