Getting Started

To start your project, contact us for a free site-evaluation.

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We will start with a phone call, typically 20-30 minutes, to discuss your site using satellite images. This will give us an idea of available space and potential shading issues. By the end of this discussion, you should have a preliminary idea on what type of solar array might be possible at your site, a ballpark cost estimate, and potential payback through energy savings and incentive payments. If this preliminary information satisfies your budget and energy expectations, we offer a free on-site evaluation followed by a fixed price bid for your custom-designed solar PV system, including accurate energy production estimates.

We’ll go over the following items during your site-evaluation:

  • Analysis of your site to determine the best location for solar.
  • Potential array size and energy production for your site.
  • Accurate measurement of shading using a Solmetric Suneye tool.
  • The suitability of your roof structure and roofing age/condition.
  • Potential locations for inverter and meter installation.
  • A discussion of your energy usage and potential savings.
  • Costs associated with installation.
  • Aesthetic concerns.
  • Answer any and all questions.

Let’s begin!

(360) 930-6993