Off-Grid Solar Systems

If you are constructing a home or adding power to a location not served by the grid, you can use a similar “emergency” power design discussed above as your primary electrical system. We call this an ‘off-grid’ solar power system. You aren’t tying into the grid, and are thus completely energy independent. As your own “utility,” however, you have to carefully manage your electricity usage and production. We can work with you to determine the proper size and capacity of your system to meet your needs.

Why Choose Cascadia Solar

Every one of our customers has a unique set of requirements, starting with the possibilities of the building site, and including solar resource, budget, energy goals, and aesthetic concerns. We are authorized dealers for a broad range of solar equipment, and we are not obligated by exclusive sales agreements to push a specific product. We believe that we serve our customers best when we offer a full range of options that results in the best solution at the best price.

We partner with you to design the best solar PV system to meet your goals, and then install it using the highest quality materials in the hands of experienced electricians. With over forty years of experience in the electrical business, we know how to build systems that last, and with continuous ownership by the Frederickson family, we will be around to take care of you for decades to come.