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Our Process

Make A Plan

- Gather recent utility bills
- Tell us your solar goals
- Virtual site evaluation
- Collaborate on design
- In-person site evaluation
- Receive and read your contract

Before Your Installation

- Make deposit payment
- Agree on schedule with project manager
- Sign city/county and utility applications
- Prepare for installation

After Your Installation

- Provide access for inspections
- Utility installs your net meter
- Receive system orientation
- Sign for sales tax exemption
- Make final payment

1 Getting Ready for Your Initial Conversation

To prepare for an initial conversation with your designer, it is helpful to gather up your most recent utility bills. One important design point is your annual electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh). If you’re intending to replace any fossil fuel heating equipment, or purchase an electric vehicle, your designer can estimate your additional electricity needs from your oil or gas bills and/or your annual mileage. They can also put you in touch with the estimators in our electrical and HVAC departments for help with your electrification projects.

2 Virtual Site Evaluation and Design

Using sophisticated 3D modeling software and incorporating satellite imagery and LIDAR data, your designer can perform a virtual site evaluation to make sure your home is a good candidate for solar. Then they will quickly model your home and design a system that best meets your energy goals, utilizing the very sunniest parts of your roof, while keeping in mind aesthetics and installation efficiency. At the end of this no-obligation design process, you will receive a preliminary proposal showing the design, cost, and predicted performance of the system.

3 Moving Forward with Your New System

Once you and the designer have settled on a system that meets your needs and budget, an in-person site evaluation is required to verify measurements and details discussed during the design process, and to evaluate the readiness of the structure for a 30+ year solar array. If no issues are discovered, the preliminary proposal can be converted to a contract and your project gets underway with a deposit to order the equipment.

The Cascadia Solar office team then prepares the permit applications and utility agreements for you to sign. All permit and utility fees are included in your contract.

4 During Your Solar Instalation

Stand back and watch our skilled solar installation team demonstrate their craftsmanship! Your project manager will guide you through what to expect as the equipment is delivered and installed. Your lead technician will communicate with you about the details and seek your input on any aesthetic concerns.

5 After Your Solar Instalation

When your new solar power system is complete, your project manager will schedule the inspections with you, and request your net meter from the utility. Once the inspections are complete and net meter installed, you will receive a thorough system orientation and get a login for the online monitoring system. At the system orientation, a WA sales tax exemption form will be provided for your signature, and payment is due on the balance of your contract. You can switch on your new clean power system and celebrate as your electric bills and carbon footprint shrink!

The Cascadia Solar team thanks you for helping lead the way to a sustainable future, and we’re only a phone call or email away to address any follow-up questions.

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