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Residential Solar Power Installation

As the solar department of Frederickson Electric in Port Townsend Washington, with many decades of experience installing and maintaining home electrical systems, Cascadia Solar has a deep well of residential electrical expertise to draw upon.

When our highly trained solar designers come across an unusual residential electrical panel or wiring installation, a quick conversation with an electrical estimator down the hall results in a clear path forward. Likewise, our solar installation crew has years of experience with residential electrical systems and is able to handle any necessary upgrades, alterations, or additional circuits that might be required for your project.

Our skilled team solar installers stand ready to deliver a high-quality, custom-designed grid-tied solar power system, and if it suits your needs, a battery backup installation for your home. Read about our client-friendly process we go through with each of our customers and contact us today to get started.

Sell Your Extra Power Back to the Power Utility.

Washington’s net metering law allows you to connect your solar installation directly to the power grid. When your grid-tied solar system is generating more power than your home or business uses, the excess power goes back to the grid and you will be credited for this power production on your utility bill.

We are a full-service commercial and residential solar power systems electrical contractor.
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Residential Solar Power Installations