Solar Installations

Below are samples of our residential solar installations in the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas. (For commercial projects, click here).

Bloxom 5.32kW Floating Home
Port Townsend/Seattle Solar Installation

This 5.32kW Itek Energy system is our first PV system on a floating home, constructed by G. Little Construction in the Port Townsend Boat Haven, and now located on Seattle’s Lake Union with unobstructed views of the city skyline. The modules are installed with landscape orientation to smoothly follow the curved roof. Micro-inverters individually optimize the performance of each module, so when the east-facing modules are in full-sun, they produce to their full potential, even if the west-facing modules are shaded, and vice versa. This home also features a green roof, an underwater viewing window, and is LEED Platinum certified. It was recently featured on a TV program showcasing unique floating homes.

Array Capacity: 5.32 kW
Annual Production (est): 5,820 kWh

Equipment Specifications

Modules: 19 Itek Energy HE IT-280 280 Watt STC
Inverter: (10) Blue Frog Solar APS YC500A
Array Installation: Itek Energy clear aluminum framed modules with matching clear anodized low-profile rails, mounted to curved standing seam metal roof with S-5! non-penetrating seam clamps.
System Monitoring: Micro-inverter system has a communication unit that communicates real time production information to a web server.

Garrett 5.4kW Residence
Port Townsend Solar Installation

This 5.4 kW Solarworld system takes advantage of the dual maximum power-point tracking (MPPT) of the Power One inverter. This allows the east and south facing arrays to be separately optimized, so each is always performing at its best, even though the arrays are facing different directions.

Another interesting aspect of this project is the attachment of the arrays to the standing seam metal roof. Because the house is situated in a valley that sees high winds, and the roof is exposed to particularly powerful gusts, some reinforcement of the non-penetrating clamp attachments was in order. The outside edges of the arrays, subject to the strongest uplift forces, are anchored to the roof framing underneath with a proprietary waterproofing method developed by Cascadia Solar that has passed the scrutiny of experienced builders and roofers, so the owners can rest easy knowing that the arrays will stay put no matter what mother nature throws at them.

Array Capacity: 5.4 kW
Annual Production (est): 5,243 kWh

Equipment Specifications

Modules: 20 Solarworld SW270 270 Watt STC
Inverter: Power-One 5.0kW / Power-One PVI-5.0-OUTD-US
Array Installation: Solarworld black modules with matching black anodized rails, mounted to standing seam metal roof with S-5! non-penetrating seam clamps and strategically located lag screws installed with a proprietary sealing method developed by Cascadia Solar.
System Monitoring: Inverter display.